Minnesota AIDS Walk

2018 Minnesota AIDS Walk

Eclipse Counseling Logo Development

Small business logo development. Blue signifies health and trust, the eclipse itself references rebirth, and the starburst represents brightness and healing. ⁠

State of the State’s Housing

State of the State's Housing is an 80-page report by MHP. I took data and analysis and created infographics, imagery, layout, and storytelling to highlight the data and the underlying narrative.

Vintage Twin Cities Postcards

Postcards created with vintage inspiration.

Butterflies of Wisconsin

Hand drawn poster with butterfly species that occur in Wisconsin.

SC Infographic

The bold colors of the client's brand plus free reign to visualize the product and its sector, led to this colorful infographic.

Anti-Pawlenty Protest 2018

Murals along Minneapolis' East Lake Street following the murder of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin.

Alpha Gal Infographic

When I was diagnosed with AGS in December, there were a lot of things I still didn't know except "don't eat pork or beef." And there still isn't much information out there, so I took a stab at creating my own infographic.

Affordable Housing Events

Photos from various housing events around Minnesota

LHTF Manual

A technical manual for Minnesota cities. Example of heavy use of InDesign.

Housing Social Media

Social media graphics depicting housing shortfalls.

MPX logo

Grassroots efforts at spreading awareness for monkeypox needed a logo, so I volunteered my skills to create one.

Fishes of Minnesota

Hand drawn poster with fish species that occur in Minnesota.